We believe following Christ is
more than a once-a-week appointment.
It shows up in a lifestyle of compassion and grace.
It manifests courage to do what is right.
It centers on a restored relationship
with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Worshiping God
In the neighborhood
We meet in various groups during the week, and we are learning together how to serve and bless the neighborhoods around us. We'd love to chat with you, have you drop by one of our groups, or simply join us as we serve the community and experience His presence together.

Until then, may God's presence always
be your greatest joy!

- Pastor Walton Yuen

Mobile: 512-554-7979
Location: 10737 Quarry Oaks Tr. Austin, TX 78717

Women's Group

Building a Stronger Marriage

THEME: Strengthening Your Marriage
WHEN: Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9PM
WHERE: The Yuen's home

Tina Yuen leads a weekly women's Bible study and discussion group called Tapestry.

The name comes from the fact that God has taken the many different strands of our lives and interwoven them into a beautiful and unified work of art through this group. Our differences are used by God to add depth and beauty to our fellowship. Praise God!

This season we're looking into how God can transform us and bring healing and renewed strength into our marriages.
Join us for great discussions, wonderful fellowship, and times of powerful prayer...

If you're interested in joining these meetings, just give Tina Yuen a call.

FOR MORE INFO: Call Tina Yuen at 218-9951
(DEFAULT Location: Yuen's home, 10737 Quarry Oaks Trail, Austin, TX 78717

Men's Ministry

THEME: Growing as Leaders
WHEN: WED evenings 7:15 - 9:00 PM, Twice a month
WHERE: Various Locations

Our men's ministry is called Rebuilders, after the Isaiah 61:4 verse talking about the task of rebuilding, restoring, and renewing the city.
It's a time for connecting with other men, leadership development, and training to serve God more effectively.

FOR MORE INFO: Call Walton Yuen at 512-554-7979

Girls Groups

Daughters of the King
THEME: Daughters of the King
WHEN: Twice a month
WHERE: Yuen home

This group for elementary-school-aged girls is designed to help them grow in their understanding of God's Word.

The topics will focus on their identity in Christ, their relationship with their parents, and how they should relate to one another. This group will run through the fall and spring semesters. Summer is time off for the families.

FOR MORE INFO: Call Tina Yuen at 218-9951

Youth Group


THEME: Catalyst Youth Group (Middle/High school)
WHEN: Bi-Monthly (Wednesdays)
WHERE: Yuen Home

This group for youth who are seeking after and pursuing God. It is a mostly informal time to hang out, worship, talk about God's heart, and pray for each other. The goal is get real in our faith and to let our relationship with God and with those around us be a catalyst to effect supernatural change in this world.

FOR MORE INFO: Call Walton Yuen at 218-9951

Weekend Service

THEME: "Mythbusters"
WHEN: Saturday evenings, 6:30PM - 8PM (5:30PM for dinner, 5PM Prayer)
WHERE: Saturdays at Avery Ranch

What Can I Expect at the Saturday Meeting?
These groups meet every Saturday evening. We start off with dinner together at 5:30PM, and worship at 6:30pm for the whole family.

At 7pm, the elementary and middle school-aged kids then get to join in a program designed especially for them.
The teaching and Bible discussion for the adults lasts from 7:00 - 8:30PM, and we close with time in prayer and ministry. Snacks follow afterwards.

Starting in March 2014, we're starting a new series called "Mythbusters"

The popular TV show by the same name separates myth from fact using scientific methodologies, often in entertaining ways.
Though the Church rests upon the solid foundation of His Word, yet too often an untruth will creep in when we are not watching carefully.
There are many catchy slogans and sayings that permeate the Church today. Applying the grid of God's Word, this series sorts out where truth is and where subtle deception is at work. Join us as we bust some of today's biggest myths in the Church!

FOR MORE INFO: Call Walton Yuen at 512-554-7979

DEFAULT Location:
Yuen's home, 10737 Quarry Oaks Trail, Austin, TX 78717 -- 512-218-9951

Weekend Service: Schedule of Topics

Calendar Schedule


Mar 01 "WWJD?"
Mar 08 "I'm not perfect. Just forgiven."
Mar 15 "Share the Gospel, and if needed, use words"
Mar 22 - Family Fun Nite -
Mar 29

Apr 05
Apr 12


NEW SERIES: "Mythbusters"

Get involved with a Growth Group!

We believe GROWTH GROUPS are a crucial part of our spiritual growth. It's where worship and ministry, prayer, study of God's Word, and great relationships take place. The church IS the people in this community of faith. If you aren't in a Horizon Growth Group, you are missing out on a vital part of how God wants to grow you spiritually.

Each of our Saturday evening meetings is a worship service where we choose to love and honor God above all else. The Saturday format is:

5:00 Weekly Prayer for Revival
5:30 Dinner and Fellowship
6:30 Welcome & Worship
7:00 Message & Discussion
8:30 Wrap-Up

Children 6th grade and below join in all activies with parents except during the Message time. At that time, we have a dedicated team of teachers leading them in the next room in an age-specific lesson to help them grow in their knowledge, love, and application of God's truth.

Our calling is to see revival come to the city of Austin. And as we seek that day, we live out by faith a ministry to those who are most on the Father's heart: reaching out to and serving those who are the least, the last, and the lost.
Least, Last, and the Lost
Get connected with God and with others at Horizon as we pray to the Almighty God, full of hope and anticipation and hunger for more of His presence in our lives.

HERE for descriptions of Prayer Events
HERE for info about the Unceasing Prayer Day
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Explore God is a unified effort of almost 300 local churches to raise spiritual awareness in the Greater Austin area. The Explore God campaign brought spiritually prepared believers together with spiritually curious people to begin to have conversations about God. Even though the series and focus is officially over, they have a great website for people with questions at www.exploregod.com and we are always open to starting new groups for those who are honestly looking for God.

HERE for more information about Exploring God